Massage Therapy - Courtenay, BC

Terri Storey, RMT

                 Terri Storey, RMT                                                                          Courtenay, BC
Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in Courtenay, BC
Massage Therapist in service to Courtenay, Royston and the Comox Valley. Terri Storey, RMT works out of Achord Health Clinic and Intervention Pain Plus Clinic in Courtenay, BC. Terri Storey, RMT supports a medical, multidisciplinary, and integrated approach to health and healing. Direct billing for extended health and MSP Benefits. On-line booking available, see above.


Massage Therapy assists to restore anatomical and physiological function where there is minor injury, supports and assists rehabilitation where there is acute or chronic injury/condition. 

Terri's approach to Massage Therapy is neurological and musculoskeletal.

Musculoskeletal attention reduces pain.

Passive manipulation, sustained pressure and mobilization of connective tissue assists to increase mobility, restore function, decrease pain, balance muscle tone, increases bone nutrition and cellular vitality. Passive range of motion witnesses holding patterns and creates and opportunity for neuroplastic re-education.

cat Cellular Attunement Therapy meets cellular function as tone, quality, vibration and pulse. Patterns of trauma are witnessed as tension, accumulated through layers of accident and injury from pre-natal to present. Through our availability to listen, we have an impact on neurological, endocrine and connective tissue vitality. This assists to decrease pain and inflammation, and encourage systemic health and function

The following conditions benefit from massage therapy:

Anxiety and Trauma


Maternal care (pre and post natal care)


See above for on-line booking for Achord Health Clinic and Intervention Pain Plus Clinic in Courtenay.

Terri is available on a monthly rotation at Klahoose Health Centre on Cortes Island.

On-line booking for Klahoose Health Centre is also available through this website. 

All booking inquiries, please contact: 250.203.0778


Achord Health Clinic, 3671B Thomson Rd, Courtenay, BC, V9N 9T5

Intervention Pain Plus Clinic, 1736 England Avenue, V9N2P6


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